miércoles, 8 de junio de 2016

There Was a Crooked Man (1970)


Once upon a time, when rivers ran blue, and the air in the valley was sweet and clean...

There was a crooked man,
He went a crooked mile,
Well now, he always wore
A crooked smile.

Of all the crooked men
In all the crooked West,
This man was... the crookedest!

There's a crooked tree
Just waiting for him.

Lived by the crooked rule:
Do onto others first
Send them the other way
From bad to worst.
He was a gambling man,
Learned at the age of eight
How to deal... a crooked straight.

There's a crooked tree
Just waiting for him
By a crooked stream.

Sometimes when going straight
Starts looking good to you
Send for that crooked man
He'll see you thru.

Going his crooked way,
Taking the crooked trail,
Riding his crooked mule,
Swishing the crooked tail,
Smiling his crooked smile.
Woke up all the while

There's a crooked tree
Just waiting for him.
Will he ever give in?

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